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    Media Buying

    Our Media Buying advertising approach is all about reaching your target audience and guiding users through the conversion process. By tailoring your PPC ads, (Google Ads* , Facebook Ads, etc) and using highly relevant landing pages, we are able to help drive as many conversions as possible within your PPC budget.

    Our tailored services are a sure-fire way to drive sales and brand awareness, grow traffic and generate leads. Not to mention, you can reach your targeted customers on both a national and global scale with international PPC and Adwords.

    *Previously knows as AdWords


    Lead Generation

    With the rapid growth and popularity of the internet, lead generation* has moved online, and businesses that are able to leverage audience insights, user behaviour signals** and smart automations are reaping the benefits.

    We help you find and attract your best leads through customer persona investigation, traffic acquisition strategies and lead scoring. Then we turn your visitors into customers with lead nurturing, marketing automations and conversion rate optimisation.

    H3: Lead Scoring and Nurturing

    We identify the most valuable, potential customers and focus their efforts on them. By prioritising time and resources to convert these potential customers into actual customers, you streamline your marketing efforts***, increase efficiency and grow your sales.


    In order to effectively grow an eCommerce business – whether or not you have a retail presence – you need a well-thought-out eCommerce marketing plan* to drive brand awareness and increase sales. And there’s no way around it.

    Paid advertising often reaches new followers who are more dynamic and procreative in their engagement with your brand. This indirectly creates more positive shares and follower engagement with the content, creating a cycle of organic engagement that has the potential to sustain routine active engagement – thus increasing brand awareness and sales.

    Using Media Buying can radically change your eCommerce business when you reach the appropriate clientele. We help you pinpoint the correct channels to drive engagement, traffic, and your customer portfolio.

    Online Presence

    An online presence can be defined by how easy it is to find a brand or company online. It’s important for building your brand’s reputation, increasing brand awareness, and providing visibility to your products or services.

    The web-savvy follower will always do their research before committing to purchase a product. Many businesses are unsure of how to make their voices heard or get their brands known.Using Media Buying to drive your online presence and get in front of potential customers is one pillar in your digital strategy*.

    Tracking Set Up

    It is imperative that any form of online business keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs) and to use them to improve your marketing campaigns further.

    When it comes to ecommerce tracking, nothing can beat Google Tag Manager (GTM). It is a powerful tool that allows you to add and update your tracking tags without tweaking your website code.

    We can assist you in tracking all of your KPI’s, allowing your digital marketing strategy to isolate and target customers, optimising your marketing campaign

    Audience Building

    Audience building is defined as using data to segment consumers by demographics or interests, in order to reach consumers interested in your products or services with relevant messaging.

    We will assist you in deciphering and targeting individuals, including their demographics, online behavior, purchase history, repeat purchases and loyalty. By using Google and Facebook to structure ads and document customer behavior, and through prioritizing SEO strategies and capitalising on event tracking, we help you build your audience and keep your business thriving.

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